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            For enterprises, production capacity:reaction kettle with high capacity to monolayer vessel wall replaced thetraditional clip set of tank wall and the reaction container does not bear orbear smaller external pressure, thus getting rid of the traditional pressurevessel due to the increase in the volume of the vessel wall is too thick, poorheat transfer and other factors, so that the reactor volume up to 30m3, evengreater, which greatly improves the production capacity of single reactor.


            In the work and technical personnel appearslarge autoclave with easy maintenance: due to the built-in heat exchanger isremovable, so easy cleaning and maintenance, is conducive to reducing theoperation fault and improve the production stability.



            With the development of society, largereactor(www.gfanyingfu.com) has become an essential equipment, large capacity reactor which has theadvantage of it? First high coefficient of heat transfer: the heating andcooling of the reaction kettle reaction medium with built-in heat exchanger,heat transfer coefficient than the traditional coil for heat exchanger is up to40% and more compact heat exchanger structure, is conducive to within a largervolume of the reactor arrangement adequate heating and cooling area, the resinsynthesis reaction process was more uniform and steady.



            In summary, high-capacity autoclave withlarge production capacity, good heat transfer effect, easy maintenancefeatures, application in production practice can reduce equipment units, plantconservation investment, reduce operating personnel, reduce the productioncost. Therefore, large capacity reactor has been widely used in the productionof artificial board adhesive.


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